Chocolate embers are lying dormant somewhere in this bar

Chocolate Embers FAQ

What are chocolate embers?

When you're eating a piece of a chocolate, chocolate embers are any of the chocolate that ends up somewhere else.

What counts as a chocolate ember?

If you're in control of the chocolate, it's not an ember. An ember might be:

How can I prevent chocolate embers?

Chocolate embers are generated by a stochastic process. They can't be prevented entirely. The observer effect seems to be at play here, too; "a well watched chocolate never embers".

Here are some common tips for avoiding chocolate embers:

What's the backstory of chocolate embers?

Tom & I were going on a long bike ride and & had brought a plastic tin of GORP. It was sunny out and the chocolate melted on the way up in Tom's backpack. We were short on napkins or sink but ate the melted GORP anyways; I think Tom was able to wipe his hands on some nearby grass, and I was pretty sure I'd been able to lick the chocolate on my hands clean. But nearly an hour later I noted a giant streak of chocolate on the back of my hand and we came up with the name for this phenomenon.

Last updated 8/17/2021